Best Apps for Call Recording in Android

Best Apps for Call Recording in Android

In this modern world, technology is booming in every area of ​​our lives. Now every call can be saved and archived for a long time. Many might think of why record calls. Call recording is especially useful for people who forget things like downloading a phone recording application. These voice recording applications can automatically record incoming and outgoing calls.

Then, with the increasing demand for such applications, developers have developed many call recorders for Android applications to make it easier for users. A series of call recording apps for Android are available in the Google Play Store. So, if you are a busy person, receive many calls and are afraid to forget the important conversation, you should definitely use this application. Here, you must keep in mind that call recording applications can also be used to store evidence of a conversation.

Here is the list of the top 10 applications to record calls for Android that records incoming and outgoing calls. As noted above, some applications offer the possibility to manually activate call recording, but some of them are automatic call recording applications. Therefore, select the application based on your personal choice.

1.True caller:

People use Truecaller to keep up. It helps them know who is in touch, to filter unwanted calls and text messages and to focus on what really matters. The company offers a number of unique services, such as a dialer that provides caller ID, spam detection, messages and more. Just a few months ago, Truecaller released the call recording function for Android users. The application is free, but the call recording feature is not free and it comes with a premium package. To use this function, go to Settings-> Activate call recording -> Activate “Save calls”. The recorded calls will be recorded automatically on the phones.

2. Automatic call recorder:

As the name suggests, many people think that Automatic Call Recorder automatically registers calls on your phone and you do not need to inform them. However, this is not true because the application allows you to record the phone calls of your choice. When using the Automatic Call Recorder application, you can record calls or ignore them. It’s my favorite call recording application for Android because it’s easy to use and free.

The best thing about this call recording application is that it allows you to record calls, synchronize them and save them in DropBox or Google Drive. The application offers its users the three options: Save All, Ignore All and Ignore Contacts.

3. ACR Call Recorder:

Call Recorder ACR, like other applications, can record all incoming and outgoing calls on your Android phone. This is one of the best applications for registering Android phones on the market that offers excellent services. It offers several functions, such as automatic deletion of old records, password protection of recordings Call Recorder ACR is available for free on the Google Play Store. The application also offers a paid version of some of its features that are not available for free. This application also supports various formats such as 3GP, MP3, etc.

4. Call recorder:

This is one of the best apps for recording free calls. The app offers automatic call recording and records incoming and outgoing calls. The good feature of this app is that you can organize the search order of calls that will be found before and after, and you can even arrange them for now, by name or by date. The application allows users to save calls in mp3 format and burn them to the SD card for later use.

5. ACR cube call recorder:

The best thing about the Cube Call Recorder’s ACR app is that it not only records calls from your Android phone, but also records Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, Line and other voice calls from different applications. This is a decent application to record calls and save them as long as you want.

The application allows you to choose between automatic call recording and manual call recording. The application also offers reading in the app and exclusive list of contacts. The app also offers a premium payment app with better features than the free call registration app. People call it the best call recording app because of its features.

6. All Call Recorder Lite 2018:

This is a unique application for Android that allows you to record a call and then delete it when you no longer need it. It is a free call recorder for Android phone. As its name suggests, All Call Recorder Lite is very light and uses less phone memory. With this app you can easily record a call and listen to it whenever you want.

This call recording application also allows you to select the audio format. You can easily turn on and off the audio according to your needs. This is easy to use and can be easily learned.

7. Galaxy Call Recording:

Galaxy Call Recording is a widely used application for recording calls. The application to record conversations is very simple, understandable and has very good features. Like many other applications, it is also capable of recording automatic and manual calls. You have several options, such as disabling the registration for certain contacts, for an incoming or outgoing call.

You can also disable call recording when the headset is on or when Bluetooth is enabled. It provides a list of phones that support all its features. As the name suggests, it was specifically created as a call recorder for Samsung.

8. RMC: Android Call Recorder

RMC is a call recorder that can record calls in both ways, that is; Automatically or manually depending on the configuration. Set for incoming or outgoing calls.

It has two folders to save the recordings. The RMC Call Recorder is compatible with mp3, amr, mp4, 3gp and wav audio formats. You can also show or hide registration notifications, while using the application. The best thing about RMC is the ability to add a 4-digit code to protect your recordings. Automatically save in Dropbox or Google Drive.

9. Smart Call Call Recorder:

This is an automatic call recording application for Android that you should try. All recorded calls will be recorded in the MP4 format. Call records automatically after a specified period. You can also share an audio file of calls recorded via Bluetooth, e-mail, Gmail, messaging, etc. This is the best phone registration application.

10. Total call recorder:

Total Call Recorder is an application to record phone calls. This application is available for free on Google Play and allows you to record and manage phone calls.

The saved recordings can be shared via Bluetooth, WhatsApp, Gmail, etc. You can also create a list of exception numbers where calls must be recorded.

Final words

These are the best recording application for Android phones. A quick search in the Play Store will offer you many options. However, these call recording applications have been tested and you will not regret it.

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