Best FEH characters for starters

Best FEH characters for starters

Fire Emblem Heroes is a role-playing game that was developed by Intelligent systems. The game is published by the Nintendo for both the android and iOS users.

The online players have worked together and built the FEH tier list to beat your opponent. This list will evolve as we have more hands-on time with the Fire Emblem Heroes, and will definitely change if more Heroes are released.

Best FEH character for starters

There are many Powerful Heroes to use, but if a Hero is only available as a 5* unit, then they are probably worth keeping. The best FEH characters are listed below:

If you can’t find your favorite character on these lists, they are not mentioned enough to gather an accurate, or they would have universally mentioned as “not good”.

  • Brave Ephraim
  • Brave Hector
  • Brave Veronica
  • Bridal Fjorm
  • Duma
  • Fallen Corrin
  • Fallen Mareeta
  • Idunn
  • Karla
  • Nah

How to use Idle Hero Tier List

  • S  – Highest and Most Powerful in Idle Heroes.
  • A – Very Strong but not more powerful than S Tier characters.
  • B –  Decent level characters and can be viable in the hands of good players.
  • C – Mid Level characters. Neither worst nor good.
  • D –  Little lower than average. If you are a noobie, then definitely don’t use these characters.
  • E – Under power and weak characters. Choose them only if you enjoy playing these characters.
  • F – Weak and worst characters in Idle Heroes.

Tier 1/ S Grade Heroes: They are considered as best Heroes.

Tier 2/ A Grade Heroes: They are considered as Great Heroes.

Tier 3/ B Grade Heroes: They are considered as Above average Heroes.

Tier 4/ C Grade Heroes: They were mentioned on the tier list at least half of the time, but they are not the Best ones for starters.

Characters with * before their name means they are Ranked SS, and they are the Top Characters in the Game.


We hope you got an idea of selecting the best character on FEH. Feel free to share your favorite characters in the comment section, if we have missed them on the list.

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